Adolescence can be a turbulent time of development (biologically, socially, emotionally, & psychologically) and teenagers today face unique challenges that can be extremely difficult. Adolescence is also a time of exploration of self and forming of individual identity. Therapy can be a powerful way to enhance strengths and safely support vulnerable teens. Areas of expertise include:

  • family conflict
  • anxiety
  • reactions to trauma/loss
  • attachment issues
  • behavioral disturbances
  • anger and opposition
  • depressed/sad mood
  • suicidal thoughts/feelings
  • social anxiety
  • lack of friendships
  • bullying
  • substance use/abuse
  • eating disturbances (starving/over-eating)
  • sexual activity
  • other risk-taking behaviors

A nonjudgmental approach that gives respect to the individual is most effective and encourages better understanding and communication. Emphasis is placed on helping youth to express themselves effectively, improve coping skills, and learn adaptive ways to successfully navigate through their complicated social, school, and family environments and relationships.


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