Play therapy, sand tray, and art therapy techniques are utilized for young clients and are extremely effective for building rapport, assessing needs/issues, and treating a variety of difficulties including:

  • anxiety
  • reactions to trauma/loss
  • attachment issues
  • behavioral disturbances
  • anger and opposition
  • depressed/sad mood
  • suicidal thoughts/feelings
  • lack of friendships
  • bullying
  • problems occurring at home and school

Positive and healthy change comes through assisting children with increasing self-awareness, learning healthy coping skills, and improving effective communication skills. A tailored approach is offered to each individual child based on their developmental and emotional level. Family support and engagement are also an important factor in successful treatment.

*COVID-19 Update: Due to current social distancing protocol, I am not offering play therapy for children at this time. I can accept young clients who are receptive to talk therapy sessions via telehealth.

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