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Erin Garriott is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCS 24703) with a private psychotherapy practice in Laguna Hills, California. She provides confidential psychotherapy services for teenagers and adults.

*Therapy during COVID-19:  I am currently offering psychotherapy via telehealth (doxy.me, phone call, FaceTime, Zoom, or any preferred method).

Areas of Specialization:

  • anxiety
  • depressed/sad mood
  • anger/impulse control
  • reactions to recent trauma/loss
  • unresolved childhood issues (past abuse/trauma)
  • unresolved/complicated grief
  • relationship difficulties/conflict
  • social problems (anxiety, lack of friendships, bullying)
  • self-esteem issues
  • parenting issues
  • major life stressors (loss of health, divorce, and other life-changing events)

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